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Sabina & Sachin

Dubrovnik Event Weddings SabinaSachin 19

Hi Ines,
We can’t thank you enough for all you did to organise the most perfect wedding for us. Everyday surpassed our expectations. So many of our guests have said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to and that no other wedding will top it.
We honestly can’t get over how fantastic it was. Thank you for all your hard work, and to Marin, Matea and the rest of your team. (I’ve forgotten the name of the lovely blonde lady helping at the events – she was great!).
We will leave you the most wonderful review on Facebook.
Please keep in touch! And if you and the family are ever in London, please let us know.
With love,
Sabina & Sachin

Jemma & Ged

Jemma and Ged wedding by Dubrovnik Event 2018

We just wanted to say the biggest thank you in the world for all your help in us throwing the best wedding party ever!
We had an absolute blast and you guys were amazing.
Thanks for putting up with me being a bridezilla on occasion and for even sorting me out from being a sweaty mess!!
You really were all fantastic and we appreciate all your hard work and help and suggestions.
Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to – from the boat party to finishing up in the club – it was everything I wanted from start to finish.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Send me any links for me to add reviews – I am happy to put them on wherever you would like me to!
Lots and lots of love and thanks.
Jem & Ged (aka MR & Mrs Carter!!)

Katy & Jonny

Katy and John wedding by Dubrovnik Event 2018

Ines! Matea!
I can’t believe it’s Tuesday and we haven’t been in touch. Sorry for slow reply. Between the million what’s apps, sharing photos, football, tears, joy, more parties (what is wrong with us?!) and so many mixed emotions, the time has flown by.
Wow wow wow wow wow. What a wedding. I even asked someone ‘was it too much fun?’ – is that even possible? It exceeded my expectations and there wasn’t a single moment or thing I would change. I’m glad the boat and heat gave me a windswept look that stopped me from over-caring and made me relax, I’m glad there was a thunderstorm that added even more drama, I’m glad we changed to Lenga Restaurant, I’m glad we had drinks inside, it gave it a formality that I think it needed and the olds could hear the speeches better. Plus we were closer to the club. It was just sensational in every way.
Kate, Miso, Dino and sadly didn’t catch the last gentleman’s name (even though I’m sure I would have tried) were just so great and felt part of the group. I was as pleased to see them and to wave and chat to them as I was the rest of the group. They were so spontaneous and nimble springing up everywhere -felt like they captured things we wouldn’t think ok. And in the end we couldn’t resist doing the ‘love story’ kissing photo 😂
The hotel staff and chefs were utterly delightful and helpful and didn’t tell me off for for dancing on the chair for the last song of the night! The buffet was exceptional, the wine was just right. I could go on and on and on and on.
I’ve messaged Barbara personally to say thanks and apologise for the windswept hair! But it still looked great and make up was still immaculate in the evening.
But mostly, you two sweet dears. Your patience and understanding and presence on the day, and personal recommendations and advice and commitment was brilliant. Everyone said you were the best in the game and I can see why. The way you respond to ‘crisis’ is excellent and you really have the best black book of contacts and ability to think on your feet.
They say the bigger the wedding the bigger the divorce, but despite what we thought was the wedding of the decade and an impossible act for our friends to follow, the romance and absolute love and adoration Jonny and I have for each other still shone through. Despite the non stop party, just look at the love in the picture below.
We nailed it. You nailed it. Thank you thank thank you from the bottom of hearts.
Katy and Jonny