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Wedding ceremonies

Civil wedding ceremonies on some magical medieval fortress of Montenegro, joyful and beautiful Christian ceremonies in a traditional church wedding or a Symbolic ceremony on breathtaking locations surrounded with beautiful nature and the sea…we know where and how so here we are at your disposal to make your dream come true…

Civil ceremony

A civil wedding ceremony in charming Montenegro is an ideal opportunity to read your vows of love in magical venues surrounded by your loved ones. We offer you a variety of beautiful romantic or funky locations for the civil ceremony including some amazing indoor and outdoor event venues like beaches, fortresses, viewpoints or intimate green oasis. We will take care of every smallest detail of your ceremony and we hope, provide to you and your guests an unforgettable wedding!

Church ceremony

There are some fascinating well-maintained Orthodox and Catholic churches in the Montenegro area and each one has its own history and charm. Wish for an intimate wedding with your closest ones or a larger family and friends ceremony, whatever you choose we have choices of most beautiful churches and chapels to exchange your wedding vows. Of course, we will provide an English speaking priest who is present too.

Let us know what you have in mind for your wedding church ceremony, and we will help you find the most romantic and spiritual place.

Symbolic ceremony

Express your personality and taste through intimate and small or fun and large celebration, write a screenplay of the ceremony and choose us to assist you along the way!

The symbolic wedding ceremony in the beautiful Montenegro area is a perfect choice for all those who are searching for an unforgettable destination wedding but don’t want to engage in all the legal paperwork.

Ceremonies on the idyllic golden sand beaches, elegant sea-view hotel terraces, private villas or picturesque wedding venues…whatever you have in mind we can ensure you!

Please, have in mind that the symbolic ceremony is not legally binding and is in a form similar to a civil ceremony.

Day before… or day after



Choosing Montenegro as a destination for organizing private events and celebrating with your family and friends away from home with our assistance may be the best decision you ever made! Many people have never heard of many hidden gems of Montenegro, but once you explore this amazing country with incredible places and venues you won’t regret it. Quite the contrary, you’ll be coming for more!

Since our couples are from all over the world, most often with the organization of the wedding day itself, numerous accompanying events are being planned. The wedding ceremony, the celebration can last for hours or even days, with meals and outings arranged for you and your guests and we are here to provide everything that you and your guests wish for- making the whole experience complete, memorable and perfect in any way. You choose, we plan!

A welcome party is a great way to greet everyone in a relaxed atmosphere a day or two before the wedding. It sets the mood for the wedding and makes guests feel more comfortable when the official part of the special weekend starts, trust us on this one! Rehearsal dinner on the eve before the big day on some most romantic and magic locations in Montenegro or just relaxing on the beach with your guests followed by cocktails and some good music can be a perfect plan for the day before.

A post-wedding brunch the morning after the wedding is a great way to extend the celebration and to wind down the weekend’s festivities. You can enjoy a final opportunity to thank their guests and spend a little more time with family and friends. And finally, you can relax- we promise no protocol today! Just cocktail and swim suits, and lots of carbs!

We will happily organize private accompanying events for closest family and friends in amazing restaurants, vineyards, gardens, on private islands, fortresses, beaches in the Montenegro area. We will be there by your side to make days before and after everything you have always dreamed of.

Contact us  and let’s plan together the best days of your life!

Wedding transportation


Your “just married” arrival in style is only a matter of choice

Your perfect Montenegro destination wedding, birthday party or anniversary celebration consists of a thousand details so we promise we will be there to make it feel fun, stress free and comprehensive. Transportation may not be necessary for every private celebration or wedding event, but it might be for yours. We will be there to take care of every single thing as well as transport for you and your guests.

We at Montenegro Event strongly believe that wedding transportation is much more than just a way to get from one point to another. More so, it’s a perfect opportunity to ride in your dream car like a cabriolet, an “old-timer“ or a classic limo.

And who doesn’t love a boat cruise for any kind of special occasion, especially the wedding day? We’ll be your „partners in crime“ if you want to surprise your groom on your wedding day by renting his favorite car for his transportation to the ceremony. Or… How about a speedboat arrival to the ceremony for the Groom? James Bond style. He’ll immediately forget the cost of those lush wedding flowers, we promise you that!

As much as it is important to arrange dream transportation for our newlyweds, the same way we will take care to transport your family, friends, and guests traveling from far away. Cars, boats, helicopters, private jets. You name it, we will make it happen.

As a private events management specialized company in Montenegro through many years of international event planning experience we have gathered reputable and reliable high end associates when it comes to renting vehicles or boats for your most important private celebration or wedding day.

Contact us for more information and let’s begin with the search for your dream wedding transfer. Choose from the stunning selection of vintage and modern wedding cars and boats to fulfill your special day and to make sure you and your guests arrive in style.

Wedding reception



After-ceremony dinner party is one of the biggest parts of your wedding day. Wedding reception sets the stage for the entire party. And we cannot stress out the importance of a well thought through reception venue, design and styling. This is a part of your wedding that we will discuss probably the longest from all of your Montenegro wedding segments. Where will it be?

Completely in line with your vision, ideas and wishes we will assist you to choose an ideal location that reflects your personalities, makes you jump with joy and consequently create a detailed reception timeline to destress your dream day! And yes, it is possible!

Montenegro is one of Europe’s best secret hidden gems with a breathtaking scenery at every turn and has all that you need from a celebration venue. From beautiful nature and the sea to ancient villages and medieval little towns. Whatever your preference is for wedding reception, we will make sure it is flawlessly organized, be it in an exclusive restaurant, sandy beach or a private villa, naturally scenic viewpoint or any other magical outdoor location…we are here to make all your wishes come true to create a wedding of your dreams, right here, in Montenegro…

We have to introduce you to the most popular city in Montenegro, called Budva and island Sveti Stefan that lies six miles east from Budva. Used to be a small fishing village which has been transformed into a luxurious resort. Today is a hot spot for all lovers of exclusive private celebrations. One of our favorites is definitely the town of Kotor, with a soul that touches yours the moment you walk in. And so many other hidden gems you are about to discover. We cannot wait, can you?

Photography & video



Capturing your special moments’ through photography and video is beyond important for your big day, we are certain you have heard this before. But if you think about it, these really are the memories that last forever and always remind you about the best time ever – you’ll find yourself looking at them over and over again and there is no price to be put on a moment when you look at your Montenegro wedding video 20 years from now, with your kids.

Montenegro has become a top venue for various private celebrations, especially weddings for couples all over the world. It doesn’t surprise us at all because of all the picturesque area characterized by ancient villages, glistening sea and lush beaches, and impressive, towering mountains. And with a wedding venue this beautiful, it’s no surprise that the couple slipped off for photos following the ceremony. A lot of couples tell us this was actually their favorite part of the wedding- on their own, walking around, while memories are being captured.

Years of experience in the organization of numerous weddings and other events gave us the privilege to collaborate with true professional destination wedding and event photographers and video makers. One of the fantastic benefits of hiring a local photographer is that they’ll know a lot of these venues personally, especially all the secret hot spots perfect to capture most precious moments, hidden from the crowds and curious tourist eyes.

In line with your preferences, your chosen photo and video team will capture all the best moments of your wedding event, birthday celebration or any other kind of personal ceremony away from home capturing the real moments as they happen. Leaving nothing omitted. Leaving nothing to chance… A video record is the best way to note every moment of your private celebration because those videos are always here to help you relive those wonderful moments again and again… It’s also the best way to keep the emotion, joy, atmosphere of happy family and friends on this unforgettable day that will remain in your permanent memory. Let us assist you in planning and finding the photographer and filmmaker that will make your celebration special and unique and absolutely unforgettable. Contact us for your dream event creators and let’s find the best photography and video team for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Wedding music



We all know that wedding music and entertainment is an essential aspect of every private celebration, event and especially your wedding day. Nowadays, many engaged couples are more and more aware of this fact so they put music on top of their planning priorities. And we couldn’t agree more! This is why we have so many options for you!

Wedding guests might remember what they had for an appetizer, or what color were the flowers, but they will most definitely remember the ambiance and feel the wedding band, music, DJ, whatever your choice was, set up on the night. Nobody forgets the best time dancing all night long on the dance floor. Tell us, what do you remember most from the last wedding you have been to?

We totally understand the importance of choosing the right tune for your celebration because your wedding music will be like the soundtrack of your wedding (and here’s the idea for making a playlist for your guests on a stick as a wedding giveaway). Thanks to the years and years of experience in organizing various private events and weddings, we gathered an impressive list of musicians and professional performers as our partners. Together with our dear couples, we create music story of the wedding day, from the day before, trough reception and ceremony day until the day after!

Depending on the style you envision for your wedding, and whether is it going to be traditional, adventurous, elegant or completely different than anything anyone has ever seen, we will help you with our suggestions and recommendations all the way respecting your musical wishes and visions.

Our team can assist you in matching the type of music to any kind of private celebration or wedding ceremony, playing anything from the classics to modern party music. A professional wedding band makes a festive vibe and keeps the party alive, and a truly fabulous DJ will not let a single guest take a seat after the first dance. Those are our people, you’ll see!

Contact us  and let us assist you in planning your magical destination wedding in Montenegro. We are here to help you choose the perfect sound for your exchange of vows. It will be an honor to be a part of the most important day of your life!

Wedding beauty



Wedding beauty timeline on your big day on top of the priority list, and we want to make sure you look and feel amazing. With our help, finding your ideal beautician will be a breeze, as we will make every wedding day beauty decision a little bit easier for you. You’ve chosen Montenegro for a destination wedding venue of your dreams, so it’s time to find your all-star hair and makeup artists too! Let us assist you in this!

On your special day, whether it is your dream wedding day or some other kind of event that you want to celebrate, trust us with our expertise and we will ensure you will get best possible team in making you look and feel like a queen! Makeup and hairstyle will simply be the best possible extension of your great personality.
We really understand the importance of finding the best makeup artist for your destination wedding when they are thousands of miles away.
Through the years of organizing various events, we can proudly say that we have gathered an excellent team of experts in the beauty regimen. Our wedding beauty experts will take care of every single thing. Our team of hairdressers and makeup artists will take care of your hair, nails, and make-up to suit your taste and your wishes. Prepare to be pampered! And don’t forget what dear Marilyn Monroe said: Smile is a best makeup any girl can wear!

Need we remind you that wedding photos last forever so it’s a lifetime opportunity for you to have your Cinderella moment! Our professionals will make sure that your makeup and skin look picture perfect as you make your way down the aisle and all day long!
Avoiding stress and worry is our mission for your dream day! Simply tell us your visions and wishes for your makeup and beauty on your wedding day. We will try to fulfill your expectations and hopefully, a little more than that.

Choosing Montenegro Event for planning your destination wedding is a first step for you to experience the most memorable day of your life!

Wedding flowers



Flowers may become a serious part of your wedding plans as well as your wedding budget because they are truly one of the highlight components of any Bride’s dream wedding day. We can’t imagine a wedding without beautiful fresh wedding flowers so we love nothing more than to assist our newlyweds to arrange, visualize, conceptualize and style their dream Montenegro wedding. We will introduce you to the various flower concepts with the help of our trusted floral partners and be there by your side to find wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets that you love and that will fit your vision, concept and budget.

They provide reflection of your character, elegance and unique touch to your special day and most importantly, they describe your style throughout your wedding segments, from your bouquet to floral arch at ceremony or that gorge top table arrangement that looks picture perfect. We will help you to choose the right flower design for the centerpieces, wedding bouquets with beautiful bridal flowers, arches, aisles, and tables that will add that extra touch to your life’s most important memorable event. For the first step of creating your dream wedding day in Montenegro, we recommend choosing ones that match your wedding season and wedding theme. Ask us more on this topic!

If you are looking for a spring wedding, peony is a perfect choice that provides such an elegant and dreamy, romantic look. Beautiful and popular gardenia is a great option for the summer event. They symbolize joy and persistence, and together with hydrangea never go out of style. Classic roses and orchids are timeless flowers that stand for beauty and purity, and always popularly used for the bridal bouquet and work well for beach weddings.

If you are still looking for flower design ideas, take a look at our gallery and remember that flowers tell their own story, no matter the event.