Wedding reception



After-ceremony dinner party is one of the biggest parts of your wedding day. Wedding reception sets the stage for the entire party. And we cannot stress out the importance of a well thought through reception venue, design and styling. This is a part of your wedding that we will discuss probably the longest from all of your Montenegro wedding segments. Where will it be?

Completely in line with your vision, ideas and wishes we will assist you to choose an ideal location that reflects your personalities, makes you jump with joy and consequently create a detailed reception timeline to destress your dream day! And yes, it is possible!

Montenegro is one of Europe’s best secret hidden gems with a breathtaking scenery at every turn and has all that you need from a celebration venue. From beautiful nature and the sea to ancient villages and medieval little towns. Whatever your preference is for wedding reception, we will make sure it is flawlessly organized, be it in an exclusive restaurant, sandy beach or a private villa, naturally scenic viewpoint or any other magical outdoor location…we are here to make all your wishes come true to create a wedding of your dreams, right here, in Montenegro…

We have to introduce you to the most popular city in Montenegro, called Budva and island Sveti Stefan that lies six miles east from Budva. Used to be a small fishing village which has been transformed into a luxurious resort. Today is a hot spot for all lovers of exclusive private celebrations. One of our favorites is definitely the town of Kotor, with a soul that touches yours the moment you walk in. And so many other hidden gems you are about to discover. We cannot wait, can you?